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Children Swimming Goggles

Does your child enjoy water sports like swimming? Do they need glasses? If the answer to both of these is yes, then a pair of prescription (optical) swimming goggles may be just what your child needs to help them see clearly underwater. If they have different prescription powers in each eye, you may want to pick swimming goggles like Swans as you can put different prescriptive lenses in each eye. Prescription range is available in -1.50 to -8.00 dioptres.

Swans swimming goggles is suitable for ages 5 and above and it ensures the most comfortable fit with its ultra-lightweight components and a selection of small, medium or large nose bridges for individualized fit in children. It is made of polycarbonate lenses (UV protection) and its aspherical & flat lens technology eliminates distortion typical in swimming goggles offering the clearest vision as well as its super anti-fog utilizes hydrophilic action to prevent eyewear from fogging up during use.