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Eye Clinic & Optometry Centre for Children and Adults


A full range of optical products and optical dispensary services are available at Eye Clinic & Optometry centre for children. Children will be spoilt for choice from the wide selection of children eyewear and sunglasses available here. Feel free to drop by or call us should you require any further assistance.


Children and Babies Frames

The majority of newborn babies and young children have flat noses. With that, it is not easy to find suitable frames for them. Over here, we carry a unique kid’s eyewear collection frames that cater specifically to children’s small developing features for a proper fit.

MIRAFLEX and SWISSFLEX Kids frames are available here. These frames can accommodate babies and children from birth to 10 years of age. These frames are light weight, flexible, have no screws or metal parts, can accommodate any prescription lenses and most importantly fit perfectly and comfortably on children face.


1.     Miraflex Eyewear

Miraflex has a range of high-technology children’s eyewear. The Flexible and Safe frame is manufactured in Italy out of a single piece of malleable material. Its non-metal components reduce the risk of facial and eye trauma and thus are great for babies, young children and sports activities. The unique light malleable material is designed to adjust to individual face. It has an elastic adjustable band that keeps frames snug and centered. Bridge is anatomically designed and petite sizes make early wear acceptable. Available in 3 models, 11 sizes and 22 colors.



Swissflex kids Eyewear

Swissflex eyewear is Swiss made and renowned for its supreme high-tech quality and lightness. Swissflex standout features include a modular assembly with interchangeable temple components, adjustable earpieces, patented nose pads for optimum fit and the dermatological benefit of no metal or screws used on the frame. Thanks to the anti-toxic, FDA-approved polymer material, Swissflex eyewear is not only very lightweight but also very flexible. These advantages result in an unrivalled wearing comfort ensuring no skin-irritation and no pressure marks.

Swissflex kids eyewear is super light, does not apply pressure, comes with hook temples which does not slip and slide when children play and they even look good. Swissflex kids are unbeatable eyeglasses for children, absolutely reliable – even when the going gets tough. Available in size 36 and 38 and 22 colors.



3.     Tomato Active kids Frames     

The Tomato Active series are specialized glasses made for children between one and twelve years old and are definitely comfortable and safe for them.

The main features that make these glasses unique are:

  • The adjustable tips to perfectly fit each kid’s head,


  • Nose pad specially designed for not sliding down,


  • Light weight of less than 8.0g providing more comfort,


  • Flexible,


  • A wide choice of sizes and colours available.



Tomato Active is made of TR90, a transparent Nylon material, in which baby feeding bottles was made with this material and is American FDA (Food and drug administrator) approved. According to the European union    directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device), Tomato Active passed all the tests describe on the norm ISO 12870:2004, that allow CE Marking to be applied on Tomato’s frames.


4. Centrostyle Baby and Children Frames

Centrostyle frames are durable and specifically designed for babies and children. They are made of a special plastic and rubber material, which provides long-lasting comfort, and extra durability. Manufactured in Italy, they offer the right fit for your child.

Centrostyle Soft


Centrostyle Active Soft Baby Frames are designed for very young babies, aged from 0-3 years; along with the silicone spectacle holder tube. It made out of an external high-density rubber to keep the shape of the frame and an interior lower density rubber to ensure a greater degree of comfort. The absence of hinges and other metal parts guarantees a high level of protection.

Active Soft frames comply with the EU standards regarding safety of toys: “Migration of material” and “Organic chemical compounds”, that means the frame is safe, even if a child chews it. In addition, it has been dermatologically tested and does not cause skin irritation.

Centrostyle Sport


Centrostyle Active Sport frames are comfortable, lightweight and flexible. It is made of Grilamid and rubber for the front and temples with double injection technology reducing the risk of deformation and gives additional protection. The specially-designed nose bridge allows the frame to remain close to the face. The temples are flexible and wrap around the child’s head. A pair of silicone frame lock is included for better adherence.

Centrostyle Spring


Centrostyle Active spring frames are made of Grilamid, a resistant and lightweight material for better comfort. The temples have a “spring design” near the hinge to allow a better fit and greater flexibility.

5. Crocs Children Frames


Crocs™ Eyewear range is comfortable, durable and lightweight, just like the Crocs™ shoes consumers have grown to love. It embodies the relaxed and distinctly fun Crocs spirit, incorporating the unique style and creative design in terms of colors, shapes, materials and comfort of the Crocs branding.

The range features fun, energetic and vibrant colours which are eye-catching and unique.

The frames are manufactured using high quality materials such as nickel free stainless steel, light-weight hypo-allergenic resin and flexible polymer. This flexible material allows customised adjustments to give wearers an exact fit and to ensure wearers comfort.

Comfort is vital when designing Crocs frames; its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort and fitting on the wearer’s face.

6.     Other brands (images)


Adults frames and sunglasses


Not only children frames, we carry a full range of lightweight Swissflex frames and Japanese titanium frames for adults. Swissflex frames is the world’s most lightweight, high-tech polymer eyewear that offers absolute wearing comfort and adapts individually to your face with no more constant slipping or pressure on the nose. Titanium frames are lightweight and bendable thus less likely to break, stronger than other metals and also heat resistant. It also has the feature of being non-corrosive and hypoallergenic, thus allowing it to have a longer usage life.

Besides spectacles frames, there is a range of sporty sunglasses that are built to be durable, fit most comfortably, protect the wearer from harmful UV rays and wind, and even improve visual comfort in extreme light conditions. Certain sunglasses can even be fitted with prescription lenses. Depending on the model, this can be achieved with performance insert, a set of prescription lenses that clips onto the bridge behind the outer filter lenses.