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Low Vision Aids

What is low vision?

A person with low vision is to have vision impairment (worse than 6/18) even after medical or surgical treatment or even with spectacle correction.

Low vision can be caused by many eye conditions, like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and even after a stroke.

Low vision aids are devices to help low vision patients to use the remaining of their useful vision for different tasks to enhance their quality of life.


Optical low vision aids


Rimless Stand Magnifier

This magnifier comes with a clip-on base for stability and an adjustable neck so as to make reading or seeing small objects more comfortable.


Bar Magnifier

The Bar Magnifier comes with a yellow highlighting band to help user keep their focus on the line being read.




Dome Magnifier

It has the ability to enhance your reading experience with a large field of view, and it glides effortlessly across your books, newspapers or magazines. Also, it permits more light to illuminate the object viewed.



Hand-held magnifier with LED light

With this convenient and light-weight device, enabling you to adjust it at variable lengths for different tasks which is ideal for reading a menu in a dimly-lit restaurant or looking at price tags and expiry dates. It also comes with LED light which is battery operated.



Magnifying Card

This flexible credit card sized magnifying card is ideal for everyday use to enlarge fine print. It comes in A4 size as well.



Low Vision TV glasses

Instead of going very close to the TV, why not try a pair of low vision TV glasses which comes with adjustable magnification for each individual eye to enable comfortable TV viewing?



Eschenbach MaxDetail

  • Hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2x magnification and can be adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately [±3 diopters].
  • The glasses will focus on near objects with working distances of 16 inches and are perfect for any near viewing activity such as reading books, newspapers, the print on computer screens, labels on medicine bottles, ingredients on food packages, train schedules, recipes, menus in restaurants, or their mail.

Eschenbach MaxDetail clip 

  • Designed to wear on top of patients’ own glasses.
  • Clip-on design with 2x magnification, hands-free design, large working distance, and wide field of view. 
  • It is ideal for reading books or newspapers, the print on computer screens, or other extended near tasks.


Eschenbach  Makrolux 2.2x

  • 2.2x  magnification provided by the Makrolux is distortion-free from edge to edge
  • Illuminated by a bright LED with large 90x30mm viewing area is rectangular in shape making it easy to navigate across lines of text. 
  • Makrolux also has the automatic shut-off feature where after 5 minutes of non-use, the device will turn itself off to save battery power.




Eschenbach Makrolux 3.6x

  • 3.6x Makrolux provides distortion-free, edge to edge clarity through a large (90x30mm) rectangular viewing area.
  • The lens is tilted at an angle to make the magnifiers ergonomic, thereby producing a more comfortable reading experience. 



Eschenbach Visolux+

  • Illuminated stand magnifier with a large field of view of 100 x 75mm allowing users to see many more words at one time without having to move the magnifier.  
  • Two color options to choose from : white light and soft orange light.



Eschenbach Scribolux 2.8x

  • Illuminated stand magnifier is perfect for writing and reading because it features a large, open, viewing area.
  • 2.8x magnification with a large viewing window of 100 x 75mm.  
  • The Scribolux features a push-button on/off switch and an auto shut-off feature in which the LEDs turn off after about 5 minutes of non-use.




Eschenbach Bright field stand magnifier 1.8x

Magnifier that looks like a paper weight

  • Very popular with children and executives. Provides distortion-free magnification simply by placing the magnifier on the reading material.



Carson ezRead DR300 Electronic Reading Aid 

  • Place the ezRead directly on top of your reading material to display the magnified image in full color on your television screen
  • The size of your television monitor determines the effective magnification of the item.
  • 7x on a 17" monitor, 11.5x on a 27" monitor, 13.5x on a 32" monitor, 17x on a 40" monitor & 19.5x on a 46" monitor



Besides having optical low vision aids, there are other techniques and devices to aid day to day life easier.

Large print newspapers, books and magazines (Large-print Bibles or Reader’s Digest magazines)

Talking watches, clocks

Audio books

Smart phones which enable voice over and increasing font sizes

Computer software to enlarge the icons or reading material

Lighting can also play a part for people with low vision; brighter light may allow more comfortable reading.


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