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Glaucoma management


The damaged caused by glaucoma cannot be reversed. But treatment and regular eye drops can slow the progression and prevent vision loss.

The management of glaucoma is tailored to each patient and depends on the type pf glaucoma, the severity and response to treatment.

Glaucoma is treated by lowering your eye pressure. Depending on the patient, your options may include prescription eye drops, oral medications, laser or surgery depending on the type and severity of glaucoma.





The initial treatment of glaucoma often starts with prescription drops. The eyedrops help decrease the eye pressure by increasing drainage or decreasing the amount of fluid your eye makes.

Depending on the patient’s response to medication, more than one eyedrop may be prescribed to lower the eye pressure.

Some patients may experience side effects and require a change of drops. If there is no response to medical therapy or significant side effects, surgery may be indicated.



Laser treatment


Laser is an outpatient procedure done in the clinic. Laser treatment can be used to treat some types of glaucoma.

Laser iridotomy/ iridoplasty can be performed for angle closure glaucoma to relieve pupil block and helps widen the outflow drainage angle. It can prevent acute angle closure glaucoma.


Selective laser trabeculopasty is usually recommended for open angle glaucoma to increase outflow of the angle to decrease eye pressure. It is a safe procedure and can be repeated.




Trabeculectomy is a filtering surgery can be performed by creating an opening on the eye for fluid inside the eye to be drained.



Tube- shunt surgery is a flexible glaucoma drainage device placed into the eye to drain excess fluid out of the eye.



Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery


Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery has emerged as a new and effective treatment for patients with glaucoma. It is a microinvasive surgery with a very high safety profile and rapid post-operative recovery. It has greatly improved the quality of life for many glaucoma patients by reducing the number of glaucoma drops required by a patient after the procedure.


Istent inject allows increased drainage of fluid and lowers the intraocular pressure.



Hydrus microstent decreases outflow by 3 ways: enhancing outflow, expand the eye’s natural fluid pathway and reduing pressure reliably.




Video demonstration of Hydrus Microstent



Hydrus Microstent Implantation Animation from Ivantis, Inc. on Vimeo.